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Antiquing at Brimfield

On Friday, my mom and I took the day off from work to go the Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. The show, founded in the 1950’s, is massive; hundreds of dealers hawk everything from high-end items to dime store tchochkes. Since I knew it would be a bit overwhelming, I went with a little list:

  • Bench for our foyer
  • Side tables for the living room
  • Small bedside table for the guest room

Hunting for these specific items kept me focused and prevented me from bringing home a bunch of knick-knacks that I really don’t need.  The best part of the rainy, cold day was watching  my mom pick up some household item (old iron, 1970’s bowl, sewing machine, vintage Coca-Cola cooler…) and hearing her say “Oh my, I have one of these in the attic! How much is it?”

There was loads of eye candy and plenty I would have bought if budget and space allowed.

Metal garden decor

Metal garden decor

Gorgeous chandeliers. Would have loved one for our bedroom but I'm too cheap. :)

Gorgeous chandeliers. Would have loved one for our bedroom but I'm too cheap!

Our favorite dealer: antique buttons and trim organized by color. Looked like a candy store!

Our favorite dealer: antique and new buttons and trim organized by color. Looked like a candy store!

Pretty chairs, already reupholstered.

Pretty chairs, already reupholstered.

Printing press letters, which reminded me of this table from Crate & Barrel.

Printers blocks, which reminded me of this table from Crate & Barrel.

While I didn’t find everything on my list, I didn’t leave the show empty handed. I found a little table for our guest room for $12:


When we arrived, the very first dealer we visited was selling some really interesting antique shutters. When we headed back to the car I was still thinking about them, so we stopped by and the “shutters” were still there. They’re actually pieces of  Chinese room dividers, and I bought two for $20 a piece. I started cleaning them up yesterday and plan to spray paint them a high-gloss burgundy. They’ll likely find a home in our foyer.

chinese_screen I’m glad we went to the show but not sure I would go again. There are so many dealers spread out over such a large area that it’s impossible to see everything if you don’t have a favorite dealer and know where they’re located in the sea of tents. Also, not being educated about antiques made us question the prices – we had no idea what was a good deal and what was a rip-off.

Are any of you fond of antiquing? What’s the best deal you’ve scored at an antique show or shop?


  1. the side table you got is very cute, I cant wait to see it in your guestroom!

  2. Laura,

    Have you ever had luck finding cabinet/dresser hardware (knobs, mainly, some pulls) that’s as cute as Anthro but doesn’t break the bank? I’m on the hunt!


    • Hi Sandee,
      I think you have ESP – I’m posting about hardware tomorrow!

      I really like Restoration Hardware, but it’s also kind of cost prohibitive. I’ve heard of this site but haven’t used them yet:

      You could also check eBay. I also looked there but didn’t have any luck with what I was specifically looking for. If you’re looking for nursery curtain rods, PB Kids and PB Teen have some cute ones. I also found this site just now, which has some cute selections:

      Let me know what you find!

      :) Laura

  3. I also have a friend on a budget that used Knobs 4 Less ( and was happy with the products.

  4. I’m totally drooling over those chairs!

  5. Great buys! I know what you mean about worrying about whether or not prices are good — I literally have no idea if I am overpaying anytime I buy antiques…that said, it’s so much fun to window shop at antique fairs/shows that it’s worth the risk that (a) I’ll buy something and (b) I’ll overpay.

  6. Thanks for the tips – I LOVED and I also found some Kraftmaid hardware at HD that’s cute. I love these in light green – But of course they don’t have the price online – so I’ll be investigating. Knobs4less had a huge selection, too. I think I’ll find a solution between these options :)

    New kitchen going in next week – this week is demo – can’t wait to have the blank canvas to play with once everything is in.


  1. […] a great new addition to our guest room, where it perches on a table I picked up at the Brimfield Antique Show a few months […]

  2. […] Painted the bedside table and one of the Chinese room divider pieces that I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show. […]

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