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5 Creative Ideas for a Travel Theme Wedding

When the Mister and I got hitched in May 2008, I spent nearly a year and a half planning the perfect day that would be fun and elegant while also incorporating our love for travel. Most internet searches for “travel themed wedding” brought up pages on destination weddings in tropical places. Massachusetts is our home (although a destination for many of our guests) and definitely not tropical in May or any other time of year.

So tropical was out, and I didn’t want something painfully obvious like this:

Here are five tips for planning a wedding that will incorporate your love of travel without going over the top.

5 Creative Travel Theme Wedding Ideas

1. Find small ways to incorporate your heritage
I’ve got a little Irish in me from my grandparents, but my in-laws really are Irish – as in born and raised there. I chose a few Celtic songs to be played at the ceremony, and selected a Celtic font for our monogram to use on all of the stationery.

K_monogramOur wedding programs incorporated the monogram as well as a luggage tag embellishment.

wedding programs with Celtic monogram

2. Give your guests a destination:
Name your tables after places you’ve been. This is a rather obvious suggestion, but there are different ways of presenting it.

  • Cities or countries you’ve traveled to
  • Your favorite hotels
  • Museums or other sight-seeing stops

I went with cities that we’ve been to, either together or on our own, and created tent cards with the city names as well as “postcards” for each table. I made the postcards using photos from our trips and ordered them through Shutterfly with a border that allowed me to print the location directly on the photo. For the back of the card, I used cardstock and wrote a message addressed to our guests that described when we went and what we did at that destination. It was a nice conversation starter.

Travel theme wedding centerpiece

My friend  had a lovely Parisian themed wedding this summer. She ordered antique postcards of the city on eBay and mounted them on cardstock:

French wedding centerpiece idea

Her theme (and mine) extended to the place cards. M. mounted hers in wine corks and added a very French fleur de lis for flair:

wine cork placecard holders

I modeled mine after luggage tags by creating a template in PowerPoint and Word and printed them onto card stock, then punched a hole at the top and added coordinating ribbon.

Luggage Tag Placecards Which brings me to my next tip:

3. Leverage luggage:
Luggage can be a great accessory, both the bags and the tags. I introduced tags with our save-the-dates, which were bought in a pack of multiple designs in the scrapbook section of Michael’s. The information was printed on adhesive vellum, and there’s a magnet on the back.
Luggage Tag Save the Date

A suitcase is a great substitute for a traditional card box. I found mine at Paper Source, and M. found hers at TJ Maxx. HomeGoods and craft stores are also great sources.

suitcase card box for wedding

suitcase card box idea I found this cute favor box online:

4. Let them eat (something other than) cake!
An archeology dig in Italy solidified my friend’s relationship with her now-husband, so their wedding incorporated the colors of Tuscany and instead of cutting a cake, they cut a cannoli and served a delicious variety of the pastries to the guests.

When my hubby’s Irish cousin got married in France this summer, she opted for a traditional French wedding cake (called a croquembouche) made of profiteroles, like this one:

5. Skip the Limousine

Instead of a standard limousine, my husband and I hired a London taxi instead. It was fun and unexpected, and our guests had a ball posing in front of it.

London Taxi for travel theme wedding

There are loads of other ways to incorporate your favorite destinations into your wedding, like tulips in your bouquet to represent Turkey and Holland or South African wine on the table, but this post is long enough!

Click here to see more photos from our own travel theme wedding!


  1. Both you and your friend are so crafty! I loved both your table tents and placecards. I didn’t really have a theme for my own wedding (unless “wedding” counts as a theme), but I think travel is an awesome one as it can be really personal and doesn’t come off as cheesy (which a lot of wedding themes do…”perfect pear” anyone?).

  2. Great tips! I agreed with all of your tips! Love your theme and you were married on my birthday day!

  3. Love your blog! so cute. Glad I found it.

    Hope you can make it to our little “meet the bloggers” night.

    I know about the teeeeny apartment. I’m in one now, trying to convince my husband a baby can fit in here:)

  4. Thank you for sharing all of these tips! Sounds like you had a beautiful wedding!

  5. Great tips! My fiance and I met while traveling and I’ve been wanting to include the places we’ve been as part of our centerpieces for the reception. Your suggestions and pictures were very helpful! Thanks!


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