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Nursery Update: The Crib

Each weekend I’m trying to do a little something for Junior’s room, and this weekend we took the plunge and ordered his crib, from Walmart of all places. Why “of all places”? To be perfectly honest, when I think of Walmart I think of giant packages of toilet paper and great prices on shampoo – not furniture. But, after having luck with our dining room chandelier (purchased for a mere $90 from last year), I decided that the big blue box was worth a look.

The fact of the matter is that all cribs, whether they come from Pottery Barn or Walmart, must meet the same safety standards set by the government. The main differences between “higher end” and “lower end” are the type of wood and the quality of the details. For example, “lower end” cribs such as the one we ordered don’t have wooden caps covering the screw holes. However, I’m sure these caps can be purchased at a hardware store, and I’ve got a bottle of glossy white craft paint. Problem solved.

We decided to buy Graco’s “Lauren” crib in a nice glossy white because it had excellent reviews and met my style standards: white, clean lines but not too plain, and not feminine.


Graco Lauren Crib

Graco Lauren crib at

It converts to a toddler bed…


Graco Lauren Crib toddler bed configuration

Toddler bed configuration -

and eventually to a full-size “big boy bed”.


Graco Lauren crib full-size bed configuration

Full-size bed configuration -

Could we have spent more money on a crib? Sure. However, we don’t feel the need to have an heirloom-worthy piece and recognize that I (or more likely Junior) won’t always want white furniture. When Baby #2 comes along, this crib will be used by him or her just in time for Junior to move on to a big bed. Assuming the quality is as good as the reviews claim it to be, it will be $152.54 well spent. The same logic will be used when we choose a dresser (I’m eying Ikea’s “Hemnes”).

My mom and I will make a crib skirt, and I love the swatch that I recently received from Lewis & Sherron:

Kolar in Sapphire, $11.98/yard

The informal, jagged-edge stripe is a nice complement to the nursery’s polka-dot rug, and the tonal blues will be easy to match with sheets of various colors.

Instead of a traditional crib bumper, we’ve registered for a breathable bumper. While I love the look of traditional bumpers, once the baby starts to move around in his sleep squishy bumpers become a safety hazard and need to be removed. Therefore, why spend the money or the time making one? God, my hubby’s logical nature has seriously rubbed off on me. There was a time when I would have laughed at this thought and spent big bucks on a fabric bumper, anyway!

BreathableBaby Breathable Safer Bumper

Breathable Bumper -

After the crib arrives and is assembled, Mom and I (let’s face it – mostly Mom) will get to work on the crib skirt, and the hubs and I will shop for a mattress (I’m aiming for an organic one).

Upcoming tasks for the nursery:

  • Make roman shade (yep, after realizing I misread the custom shade quote, Mom and I decided to go it alone)
  • Install new light fixture (no more nipple light!)
  • Choose dresser/changing table
  • Shop for upholstered rocker/glider
  • Make alphabet cards
  • Update an old college bookcase
  • Update an old college lamp


  1. I think this crib is lovely. I have always been partial to white crib sets myself.

  2. I love the crib you chose, and the fabric for the crib skirt. I think everything you said makes sense about saving money, especially when there is no real benefit to spend more.

  3. i think the bed is way cool! attractive, functional, and affordable to boot — well done!

  4. The crib is more than perfect. I am so excited to see the nursery come together!

  5. Love it. Someday it can be the headboard in one of the kid’s rooms or even a guest room. And you’re right: no need to drop a ton on a crib…they aren’t babies all that long!

  6. It’s about time that someone created a crib that can convert beyond a toddler bed. I like the clean lines for a little boy’s room. The white is great, but I could also see it painted a dark blue or navy once it is converted into a regular bed.

    Good luck with all of your projects. I’ve never had the courage to attempt a Roman shade. I hope you will be sharing the project.

  7. We bought the same crib for Clara (got it for $111 on I have been very happy with it although it has only seen a couple of naps so far.

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