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Odi et Amo’s Wardrobe Essentials

Welcome to the second installment in the “My Wardrobe Essentials” guest series. Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Averill of Odi et Amo. Averill was the first person to comment on JourneyChic after I started adding interior design posts (this blog started out as a travel blog), and I’m ever so grateful for her support. Averill lives in Texas and is a lawyer by day. She and her husband are sprucing up their brand new home, and she has amazing taste with a real eye for bold color. Let’s see how Averill keeps her closet as stylish as her home.

1. Gap perfect boot cut jeans. If you haven’t given Gap jeans a try in the past year, I urge you to give them a second look. They’ve completely revamped the fits and they’re incredible. My favorite though is the “perfect boot cut”. They’re not only flattering, they’re also the most comfortable pair of jeans I own.

2. Patterned dresses. One of my favorite things about leaving a law firm was the opportunity to indulge in “business casual” on a regular basis. After several years of buttoned-up black and navy suits, I’ve been so relieved to have the freedom to experiment a bit more with my work wardrobe. Some of my favorite go-to pieces are dresses in fun prints (three of my favorites are above; the two on either end are BCBG and the middle is Nordstrom’s house brand, Classiques Entier). Not only are dresses generally a lot more comfortable than suits, but they allow me to indulge in the colors and prints that I love both in fashion and in interior design.

3. My navy St. Johns suit. When I bought my navy St. Johns suit at the beginning of this year, I called my sister in a complete panic. I remember breathlessly saying that I just purchased a suit that cost more than my sofa (though admittedly I got a good deal on that sofa). On the other hand, said suit makes me look 20 pounds thinner and gives me all kinds of crazy confidence. So after much gnashing of teeth (and promises to Dave that I wouldn’t shop again…ever…oops!), I kept it. And I’m so glad. Since January I’ve already worn the suit twice and the pencil skirt on its own another four times. The only problem? Now I can’t stop daydreaming about the day when I purchase my second St. Johns suit.

4. A great necklace. I’m actually not a huge jewelry girl, and I rarely tend to buy any pieces for myself. That said though, I really do love the few pieces I have and most of my wear-all-the-time favorites are necklaces. There’s just something about having something pretty and delicate around your décolletage that makes a woman feel more like a woman. To keep them from getting tangled, I display them on this tree that my sister-in-law gave me a few Christmases ago.

5. My Botkier bag. This is my go-to everyday bag, and it’s been that since the day I bought it two years ago, despite the fact that I bought it on something in an impulse. Two years ago, when I was still working at a law firm, Dave was in Paris on business. The day after he left, my boss came into my office and announced he was quitting, taking two other partners in my section with him. Suddenly, everything changed and I had just a few days to decide whether or not to stay or to follow him. I left work that evening completely shaken and in dire need of some helpful Dave advice. Unfortunately though, he was unreachable. So I resorted to the next best thing: Nordstrom. Two hours later I was the proud owner of this Botkier bag (still the most expensive purse I’ve purchased to date). I guess the moral of the story is that even though I seriously overindulged in some retail therapy, I still adore the bag two years later — and it’s holding up great. [Oh and for those following along: no, I didn’t follow my boss. Instead, I chose to stay at the law firm, though I ended up going in house with a client just 8 months later).

6. Great shoes. If I have any addiction (other than coffee), it’s shoe shopping. And once you start buying nice shoes, it’s really hard to go back. They’re like little works of art for your feet, they instantly lend style to just about anything else you have on — and they always fit! You’ll usually find me in a pair of Cole Haan pumps during the work week or a cute pair of flats (DVF and Vera Wang Lavender Label are two current favorites) on weekends. But this spring and summer, I plan on sporting these gorgeous Kors Michael Kors sandals as much as possible. The nude color is a great way to update last year’s wardrobe and the lucite heel is beyond fun. Besides, there’s just something about heels that makes every girl (even this 6 foot tall one) feel fabulous.

6. Tory Burch tops. Actually, maybe my previous statement about addiction wasn’t entirely accurate. I have another: Tory Burch tops. I just completely adore her prints and patterns and I’m constantly trolling the Internet to score her stuff on sale. Her shells are a great way to perk up my work wardrobe and her tunics are my favorite for casual elegance in the steamy Houston summers (which last from roughly May-September).

Thanks Averill! Please stop by Odi et Amo to see pics of her fabulous house projects and great inspiration rooms.


  1. Thanks for the tip on the Gap jeans – I need a new pair, so I will definitely check it out. I also love your other clothes too – they are so pretty and fun. Your purse is awesome too!

    I also envy you going in-house! I may want to do a similar switch in the next few years.

  2. Thanks for including me in your series Laura — it was actually a ton of fun! I hadn’t realized some of these proclivities (especially for pattern!) until I started going through my clothes for this post.

  3. Great post – love Averill’s blog. That is a great bag and I have a similar addiction to chunky necklaces and Tory Burch.

  4. I love Averill and I must say I love her wardrobe. Her blog is one of my favorites and I think everything she does she does with grace and style. I now see she also dresses with grace and style. What a fun post and it is always fun to get to know a fellow blogger a little better. Great Post, thank you for sharing, Kathysue

  5. Wow I love Averill’s clothes – and shoes – and jewelry! I’ve been a huge fan of her interior design style (she put together a mood board for my guest room and it was so fun to implement her ideas in my own home!) and so I’m not surprised that I’m a huge fan of her fashion sensibilities as well. The graphic tops have to be my faves. I have never even shopped for Tory Burch clothes before…but after I have this baby next month you can bet I’m heading for my local Nordstroms based on this post! Fabulous ideas Averill!

  6. Love the post!! I too am a shopping addict… It is always fun to see someone else’s perspective on wardrobes!!

    A Design Story

  7. I’m such a fan of Averill and her stunning good taste – these are GREAT pics! And I love the high-low mix. I’d wear the GAP jeans with the St. John jacket – fabulous!

  8. Averill has such amazing good taste – here’s even more proof! Great choices, and I love the mix of high-low – I’d wear the GAP jeans with the St. John’s jacket and Tory flats!!!

  9. What a fun post! I love seeing all of the good tips and fun patterns. Now I just want a St. Johns suite more than ever before!

  10. Averill’s taste in interiors is refined and savvy. Her fashion sense is, not surprisingly, just as chic! Now I think I need a peak at the rest of her closet :)

    Such a fun post. Looking forward to more! Marija

  11. I love her style. It seems to me that Averill focuses on quality pieces that will go the distance. The St. John’s suit may seem like a splurge, but the quality and timeless color choice will allow her to wear that suit for many years to come.

  12. What a fun series! Great post, Averill. It’s nice to see another side of you!

  13. So fun to see a bit of Averill’s closet! Definitely great fashion sense! Admit I’m a bit envious of the St. John’s suit… haven’t taken the plunge yet. :0)

  14. Here from Odi et Amo. What a fun series!!! Glad I found you – your blog is darling.


  15. That suit is the stuff dreams are made of. Gorgeous!

  16. I’m a huge fan of Averill’s blog, and was so excited to read her post!

    First off, that handbag is just gorgeous. I would sit it on a shelf and stare at it.
    I don’t blame Averill for buying it at all! A classic like this is well worth it…
    that also goes for the St. John’s suit. I have only been in once or twice, but their
    clothing is gorgeous and beautifully tailored to a woman’s body. Lovely choices,
    I really enjoyed this post…


  1. […] Averill from Odi et Amo’s St. John’s suit, BonBon Rose Girls’ Betsey Johnson dress, my Furla bag…all good investments. Sometimes it’s better to save up for a quality item that you absolutely love and will stand the test of time, than buy something cheap that has to be replaced every season. […]

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