Half-bath Makeover Part 3: Mirror and Walls

Our half-bath makeover is complete! Well, basically. We may add a glass shelf on the right-hand side of the vanity to hold scented candles, but until then this project is done! I’m extremely happy with the results. It’s a total transformation!

Before, we had a tiny, builder-basic beige box with commercial-grade faucet and giant, glued-on mirror:

We started by adding a new faucet and painting the room Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue, swapping out all the chrome hardware for satin nickel, buying a new hand towel, and making a pretty valance to coordinate with the adjacent dining room’s window treatments.

Lastly, we hung framed photos from our vacations and framed the existing mirror.

Framing the mirror was an inexpensive and easy project. After measuring the mirror, we purchased two pieces of decorative wood trim from Home Depot, for $18 per piece. After cutting the trim into four pieces that would fit together, I sanded and then primed the trim with about two coats of spray primer and about two coats of satin nickel spray paint that I had leftover from a previous project. Then, I topped it off with two very thin coats of spray polyurethane.

After the frame was thoroughly dry, we pre-assembled it to ensure that the pieces would join correctly and be level, using a small nail in each corner to hold them together. Then, we slicked some Liquid Nails glue onto the mirror and mounted the frame. To keep the frame in place while the glue dried, strips of cardboard were put over the trim (one strip per side) and taped to the wall, mirror, and vanity. The cardboard prevented the tape from peeling off the trim’s fresh paint. Apart from a few barely noticeable nicks in the wood, this really looks like a metal frame!

Note: Because this is a low-humidity room (no shower), I did not bother to prime, paint, and seal the back side of the trim. Definitely do this, as well as caulk the inside edges, if you plan a similar project for a high-humidity bathroom.

Inexpensive $8.99 frames from Michael’s plus $2.99 white mats were used to frame 8″x10″ prints from our past vacations: (clockwise from top left) Nice, Tulum, San Juan, and Bahamas. I intentionally chose photos that included the ocean and the bathroom’s blue and green colors. This photo of the bathroom is at an odd angle; you’ll have to trust me that frames larger than these would look weird in such a small room.

The photos really bring out the wall color and tie everything together so well!

I’m not very good at keeping track of receipts, but here’s the approximate cost breakdown of this project:

  • Paint: Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore, $34
  • Faucet: American Standard at Home Depot, $88
  • Drawer knobs: Home Depot, $11.88 for four
  • Towel ring: HomeGoods, $7.99
  • Toilet paper holder: HomeGoods, $7.99
  • Towel: Target ($7.99, I think. I first spotted it on Young House Love.)
  • Faux flower arrangement: Free, already own (HomeGoods)
  • Ceramic soap dish: Free, already own (HomeGoods)
  • Wood trim: Home Depot, $36
  • Frames + mats: Michael’s, $48
  • Photos: Shutterfly, $16
  • Valance fabric, lining and rod: JoAnn, $20

Grand Total: $276.85. More than my expected cost of $200, but still not too shabby for a total transformation.

So there you have it! One more project tackled before JourneyChic Junior arrives in less than three months.

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  1. Lovely! Happy Friday!

  2. Wow, it looks great!!! I’m very impressed!

  3. Great job!!!!! I love how great the trim around the mirror looks. Always amazing to me how much better a framed mirror looks than a frameless (and really not a hard thing for builders to do…but oh well).

  4. It looks fantastic! Trimming out the mirror is what took it to a whole new level. Good job!!

  5. It looks great- I love the frame over the mirror- always such a great idea for a large mirror :)

  6. It came out great, Laura! The trim looks terrific and I love how you pulled it all together.

    I am so jealous of your landscape design that is happening this weekend…we desperately need some landscape design!

    Happy Friday!

  7. Love the wall color- looks great!!

  8. Excellent choices of finishes and accessories! Good job.

  9. I’d love to frame out our mirror like that. You did a great job, I’m so impressed that you can make a mitered frame and have all the sides meet up. Thanks for the tip about finishing the backside too, I never would have thought of that.

  10. I seriously love your window treatment soooooo much!

  11. Wow! It looks absolutely amazing – and that tutorial makes me think I could try out that mirror framing project. I love the trim you chose -and the color – so chic! Those framed prints from your travels are just gorgeous. I love framing pix from our travels all around our house too! Especially now, with bambino 2 arriving any day – I have a feeling we won’t be taking exotic vacations again for a while! But back to your fabulous re-do! Love it!

  12. Great redo. I linked over from censational girl.

  13. Very nice, and congrats on being so brave – I would have propped my camera on a tripod.


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