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DIY Beaded Chandelier

Last week, Brooklyn Limestone wrote about a gorgeous beaded chandelier that I’ve seen all over the blogosphere, and lamented that it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to recreate (which would be a must given the astronomical price tag).  This weekend I picked up a copy of Do It Yourself magazine, and lo and behold – a DIY beaded chandelier! It’s not exactly the light fixture that Stefanie’s smitten over, but it’s certainly reminiscent of it.

Crazy expensive version by Marjorie Skouras Design:

Marjorie Skouras Beaded Empire Chandelier Marjorie Skouras Design

Do-it-yourself version for a whole lot less:

The homeowners bought an $40 chandelier from Ikea and wooden spheres from a craft store. Using a drill, they strung a thin chain through the spheres and attached it to the chandelier.

This method uses far fewer beads than the pricey version, and would therefore cost less and be less time consuming to make. I imagine that it would look pretty cool if you spray-painted the chandelier white, and the wooden spheres turquoise. To spray paint the spheres, try stringing them up horizontally on a clothesline or fishing line.


  1. What a wonderful budget idea! I really like that dining room – they did a gorgeous job with it.

  2. One more note about the DIY version: I went to JoAnn Fabrics last night, and saw packages of these wooden balls already pre-drilled. So this project would be even less time-consuming than I originally thought. I think the packages started at about $3.99 for 20 (cost depending on the size, and I noticed at least three different sizes).

  3. I actually think the DIY version is really interesting. I’ve seen the other example so often, the diy version would be unique.

    BTW, you asked about Greek key fabric trim. I found some here:

    It’s $11.98/yard. I don’t know if that is more than you want to spend, but they do offer a nice selection of colors.

  4. I really love the outcome. Sure it’s different but it’s really pretty and simple and looks WAY more expensive than it was.

  5. Oh great DIY option.

    I’ve seen a super cheap version of Stephanie’s beloved chandy. Thinking about trying it out myself to see how cheap my cheap version would look like! :)

    I’ll make sure to post pictures if I actually do it!

  6. Thanks so much for thinking of me!

    This is really cool looking. I think its a lot different of a look than the turquoise stone one but really interesting. I wonder how much those wooden balls are?

  7. I have been dying to recreate that chandelier for some time now! I even posted about it a few months back!

    Although. . . the wooden beads would be a lot less expensive!!

  8. I love this idea, and their result looks so chic–not cheap!


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