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Thomas the Train Party Ideas

My baby boy is going to be two years old on Sunday. TWO! How the heck did that happen? His birthday crept up on me so fast that I completely spaced on putting together a world-class party for him. Last year, I spent so much time on his safari party, but this year… Let’s just say that I have major pregnancy brain and couldn’t get my act together. This time, invitations for his party consisted of a quick email to family members inviting them to come to a Thomas the Train “theme” BBQ at my parents’ house.

I don’t think that Junior will notice my complete and utter lack of preparation. That’s the beauty of toddlers. He’ll just love the minimal displays of Thomas, since he’s positively obsessed with his “choo-choos.” He knows the names of all the trains in his stash, and had an absolute ball at the local amusement park’s “Day Out With Thomas”:

For his daycare party on Friday, I’m making cupcakes decorated with Thomas cupcake wrappers and toppers from Pixels 4 Parties on Etsy. His “family party” on the big day will have simple Thomas decorations from iParty and a theme cake from a local bakery.

If I had the time and the energy to put together something major, here are the fabulous parties that I’d steal ideas from.

1. Use a Contemporary Color Palette

I love the cool blues used in this palette – a nice change from the traditional Thomas primary colors. The flowers are also a really nice touch.

Project Nursery

2. Decorate with Toys

Accessorize with your child’s toys, but don’t be surprised if your party decor has been dismantled by the end of the day!

  Catch My Party

3. Get Creative With Food Display

Healthy treats are assembled in a cargo train of inexpensive tin loaf pans on tracks made of popsicle sticks – cute!

Thomas The Train Party Food DisplayCatch My Party

Thomas cookies and a train filled with cake pops…my mouth is watering!

The Small Fry

Cupcakes on a “track” around little Jello cups:

Perfect Parties

4. Make a Wreath!

I’m totally enamored with the Thomas wreath! Looks like a pretty simple DIY.


Want more ideas? Check out my Theme Parties board on Pinterest.

Theme Parties Pinterest Board



  1. I think Junior will love it and I think you’re doing an amazing job. its hard to be pregnant and run around after a toddler ANNNNND plan a party. it will be perfect I’m sure

  2. Oh, that is such a great theme! And it does have good colors. Junior will love it. It will be just perfect, and your pregnancy brain pretty much rocks. :)

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