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My Girl’s Nursery: The Bookshelves

This weekend we’ll put the finishing touches on my daughter-to-be’s nursery: the valances my mom made, and the mobile that I cobbled together. Until the big reveal after everything is in place, I’ll share a few of the bits and pieces that have already come together, like the bookshelves (or book racks if you want to be technical about it).

Between the door and the window we hung up three IKEA Bekvam spice racks after painting them the same color as the trim (Benjamin Moore’s Muslin). At just $3.99 a pop, this solution was amazingly cheap and perfect for the small room, which really doesn’t have space for a proper bookshelf. I’ve seen this project so much on Pinterest, and it’s great to finally have our own version! It’s such a practical solution.

Most of the books were gifts from my lovely book club friends:

The art is by Oh Hello Dear, in frames from the Crate & Barrel online outlet that I’ve had for years.

The artwork is centered between the open door and the room’s biggest window, and the book racks are attached to the studs – hence why they are not centered. I may eventually add a growth chart next to the books to make the space more symmetrical.

Learn how I made the “C” monogram on the door.

The wall paint is Benjamin Moore’s Maritime Blue, a lovely shade of aqua.



  1. I love the racks! looks great 😀

  2. So so cute! I hope to see more of her room!

  3. Adorable! And I applaud you for going blue for her room. I am so in agreement! Can’t wait to meet the girl (and I’m sure you can’t, either!)

  4. That’s such a great idea, and I imagine it could be used in lots of different rooms. And it’s so affordable, I love it!

  5. I love it! Can’t wait to see it all. And I spy the “Going on a bear hunt” book in your collection. Ike has loved that book to death; it is literally in two pieces!


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