My Girl’s Nursery: Feminine Dresser Revival

On Thursday my little girl is entering the world, so to mark this special occasion I’m sharing all the nursery details this week!

To save money, Mr. JC and I opted to move the furniture from Big D’s room into the nursery: the crib, dresser, and upholstered rocking chair. The crib and dresser are white and a pretty simple design, so I knew they would work in my girl’s room. However, I wanted to add a little bit of girly glamor to her dresser without spending a lot of time or money.

The solution was a set of flower-shaped glass knobs to replace the basic white wooden ones that came with the dresser. I found them on eBay and spent $33 with free shipping on twelve knobs.

Grand Central (eBay)

Mr. JC had to make the screw holes deeper since the new knobs’ screws were shorter than the originals, but he said that was a pretty easy fix.

How cute are the alphabet cards? They are free printables from The Handmade Home. I originally found them on Pinterest and used them to make centerpieces for my friend’s alphabet theme baby shower last year. The colors work perfectly in the nursery, and I love the girly images like “B is for ballerina” and “H is for high heels.” I hung them up on plain old string with mini clothes pins according to the way the song is sung. I expect I’ll have to secure the bottom row somehow once my little girl sits up. But hey – at least they’re free and easy to print if she rips one!

Other Sources:

  • My dad made the wooden changing pad holder.
  • The changing pad cover is from Amazon.
  • The diaper caddy is by Munchkin, a gift from my mom for Big D’s nursery. You can find it on Amazon.


  1. love this project! cute and simple

  2. Well done! And how exciting! Counting down!

  3. I love seeing all the pretty touches you’ve done to your little girl’s nursery. I love those pretty flower knobs!! How exciting…Thursday!!

  4. Good luck Thursday Laura, you’re little angel definitely has a beautiful room to come home to. The glass knobs are such a nice touch to the dresser.

  5. It looks great, Laura! I love those alphabet printables. And I totally love how you hung them in the “verses” of the song. Perfect! Ahhhh…Thursday is tomorrow! So happy for you!

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