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Closet Door School Week Clothes Organizer

Most parents, particularly those that work outside the home, have an insane morning routine. Anything that helps the family to get out the door faster is welcomed! One of the time-saving tools I use in my boy’s room is a days of the week clothes rack – a simple hook rack that my dad made coupled with decoupaged wooden numbers.

There isn’t enough wall space in my daughter’s nursery for a clothes rack, so instead I looked to her closet, which has double doors.

First, I decorated the numbers with a little craft paint along the edges and coordinating scrapbook paper, which was adhered to the numbers with Mod Podge. See my original post on this process for a step-by-step tutorial, but note that this time I used a different approach: I traced the numbers onto the paper, cut the paper, brushed glue onto the wooden numbers, then carefully applied the paper cutouts.

Next, I stuck the numbers to the inside of the closet doors with removable adhesive squares. I had to cut them a little so they would be hidden behind the numbers. Generally, applying the sticky squares to two spots on the numbers was enough to securely fasten them. Below the numbers I stuck basic Command hooks. The metal versions would look better, but I’m cheap. :)

Yes, I totally bought an outfit that coordinates with the nursery!

Since I just wanted 5 hooks for the work/school week, I put 1-3 on one door, and 4 & 5 on the other one.

After I do laundry on Sunday evening, I can lay out exactly what I want her to wear so Mr. JC isn’t left fumbling in the closet for an outfit that he thinks matches. In my son’s room, the reality is that I don’t always get to do this (laundry isn’t always done on Sundays) but it’s worth the effort to save a little time in the morning and not send a kid to school in stripes and plaids. :)

This easy and quick project was originally inspired by an admittedly more polished version that I found on BHG:

day-by-day clothes organizer


Do you have a way to organize your kids’ clothes for the week? I’d love to see some different ideas!

P.S. It’s worth noting that this little project led to the first sign of jealousy that Big D has shown towards his baby sis-to-be. Over the weekend he noticed them and freaked out – “Those my numbers, Momma! Mine!” and he nearly ripped them off the closet doors. I had to lead him back to his bedroom and reassure him that his numbers and hooks are still there, and that his sister’s are different. It’s quite funny that he fixated on this small project, since he didn’t even bat an eye when all of his furniture moved into his sister’s room!

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