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Organizing Too-Small Clothes With a Transformed Trashcan

You know that particular, high-pitched scream that comes from a small child when you struggle to pull a tight shirt over her head because organizing her too-small clothes is just  too daunting? Well, I’ve found a solution for that problem and it does not involve keeping a giant plastic bin in the nursery (which I did for far too long).

Behold, the trashcan transformed into a cute, compact bin for stashing too-small clothes until there’s time and energy to dump them into a plastic container or truck them off to the consignment shop.

organizing too-small clothes

I started with a rusty old black mesh metal trashcan that has been kicking around since my freshman year of college and was taking up space in our garage. With a coat of primer inside and out followed by gold spray paint, ribbon, and scrapbook paper, the old trashcan is useful again.

spray paint a metal trash can

The “Too Small” tag was created in PicMonkey by taking a blank white image and adding a label overlay. I made the white image by saving a blank PowerPoint slide as a jpeg file. After printing it on white card stock and cutting it out, I used double-sided scrapbook tape to attach it to the patterned paper (it remains to be seen how well that will hold up). Using a craft knife, I cut a slit on either side of the patterned paper and ran ribbon through it, attaching the two ends with hot glue on the back of the can.

Organizing too-small clothes has always been such a pain, but now it’s easy to quickly grab items from my daughter’s closet or dresser (the can is between both) and chuck them in the can when I notice them. Eventually, they’ll make their way into a plastic storage bin in the garage. Or, I will admit that we’re not having any more children and will consign the best clothes and donate the rest. But I’m not quite ready for that yet. :)

too-small clothes and accessory organization

Have you found a solution for organizing the too-small clothes in your house? Spray-painted any trash cans lately?

Sorry I was MIA for most of last week. I wrecked my back on the last day of vacation then came down with a stomach flu the day we returned! Not a good combination for sure.

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Woodsy, Gender Neutral Kids’ Room Design

We’re fortunate to live near my folks, so our kiddos get to spend quality time with Grandma and Grampy on a regular basis. Afternoon visits and the occasional sleepover mean that they need a place to crash, and that place is my old bedroom. My parents wanted to remove most of the girlish accents (hello, pink walls and pink country quilt!) to make it a space that my son and daughter would both enjoy, so a few months ago I came up with a little design scheme for a woodsy, gender neutral kids room to inspire my mom.

Colorful gender neutral kids bedroom design -

We can never coordinate a time to head down to IKEA, so Mom used my color scheme as a guide and purchased the Circo green quilt and coordinating rug from Target that are in this image.

image: Target

image: Target

Since adhering fabric to the roller shade made her a bit nervous (she didn’t want to commit to that much pattern), she found an adorable fabric in a woodland print at a local shop made valances for the windows:

woodland fabric valance Sorry for the flash photo with my old camera! You get the idea, though.

Here’s a similar pattern, Robert Kaufman’s “Woodland Pals” in the “nature” colorway.

image: Hawthorne Threads

image: Hawthorne Threads

Next up is printing and framing the adorable free art, and we’ll have transformed my girlish bedroom into a fun room that both kids will like.

Do your kids have a special room they stay in when they visit their grandparents? Has your old childhood bedroom taken on a new purpose since you moved out?

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Blogger Inspired: Organized Hair Accessories

Have you ever seen a project in a magazine or on another blog, slapped your forehead and asked yourself “Why on EARTH didn’t I think of that?”

I had one of those moments last week when I participated in a link party and saw the way Design Improvised organized her daughters’ hair accessories with a memo board.

“DUH. I have a board just like that collecting dust on the floor of my pantry!” I thought to  myself. Then I went home and broke out the old memo board and a lint roller and got to work.

A few minutes later I had a totally free hair accessory organizer for my little lady. There’s plenty of room for more clips, bows, and ties that she’ll make me buy when she has more hair.

memo board hair accessory organizer

To attach it to the closet door, I ran a length of ribbon through the picture hook on the back, tied  a bow, and hung it to a clear Command hook.

how to hang memo board with ribbon

It’s hung a bit low so that when she’s older she can grab them herself.

memo board hair accessory organizer

So thanks to Haeley for the inspiration! Her original post has loads of other great organizing tips, too.

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