Weekend Product Picks: Minted

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Minted.com. I’ve been compensated for this post but all opinions are my own.

Well this week sure got away from me, didn’t it?? I always have the best of intentions, and a long list of ideas to share, and then POOF! Week over. So when Minted contacted me about sharing some of my favorite things from their site with you, it was a nice swift kick in the pants to get back to blogging. It was also serendipitous, as I has just been looking at the site for some new living room art.

More on the art in a minute. Minted has a beautiful selection of save-the-dates, including magnets and postcards. This beautiful travel-themed save the date (which would have been perfect for our wedding) comes in both a postcard (below) and a magnet. The vintage look and gorgeous font makes me want to renew my vows just to have an excuse to use it. :)

travel post card save the date_Minted The Minted selection of classroom Valentine cards is just too cute for words (okay, I can come up with a few words!). So many of them can be personalized with photos and different colors. My son is a total mac n’ cheese dude so this card would be perfect for him to pass out on Valentine’s Day.

Minted_macandcheese_valentine If you want to have a Pinterest-worthy party but don’t have time to get crafty with all the decor, Minted can hook you up with unique and pretty party supplies to make your soirée really stand out. One of my best friends is expecting a baby girl and the Guapa party decorations would be perfect for her shower.

Guapa party decor_Minted Finally, let’s discuss art. I love Minted’s selection of prints. From typography to abstract art, you are sure to find something unique and then can use the inspiration board tool to see how the different pieces will work together on your wall. With all the toy organization I’m planning for the living room, I feel like the space could really use an overall refresher, and art is such a simple way to change things up for the new year. “Sun Drop” by Holly Royval pulls in many of the colors of my living room and could be the perfect piece of art above the mantel.

sun drop art_Minted Have you checked out Minted yet? If you’re planning a wedding this year, use the code WINTERWED15 for 15% off all wedding stationery (ends Monday 1/13). If you didn’t get your act together to send Christmas cards, pop a New Year’s note in the mail with code HNY2014 for 20% off holiday and New Year’s cards (also ends 1/13).

What I Will Not Do in 2014

Hey, all! It’s been a slow start to 2014 thanks to a round of colds in the family (well, mostly me), holiday madness, snowstorms, and a lot of work projects all hitting me at the same time. There have been fun things, too. My son was super into Christmas this year, which was a riot. I could write a whole post about our Elf on the Shelf experience but I’ll have to save that until next year. Also, during last week’s snowstorm my darling little girl took her first steps, and Mr. JC and I are so grateful for the snow day – otherwise she would have walked at daycare and we would have missed it. She also turned 15 months this past weekend and her vocabulary exploded over the holiday break. I’m keeping track of her new words and she’s up to more than 30 already! She’s an early talker just like her big brother.

I’ve missed this little blog and also all the blog-reading that I like to do when I have time, so I’m jumping on the New Year’s bandwagon with some goals for this year, but with a twist. Miss Sunshine, I am not, so just for kicks I’m taking a more “negative” approach to my 2014 resolutions:

What I Won’t Do in 2014

  1. I won’t let toys conquer my living room. A few months ago I shared our toy conundrum, and over the holiday break we finally made a little progress: I organized the media cabinet to make more storage for kids’ games, packed up all the baby toys (sniffle), and weeded out our boy’s toys (they are stashed in the garage for now until he forgets about them entirely).
  2. I won’t leave projects unfinished. I have this terrible habit of starting and stopping projects when something easier or more interesting comes my way. So, this year I will try to avoid this nasty habit and finally finish projects like a frame for my bathroom mirror that’s painted but needs to be attached, two of our four kitchen chairs that need refinishing, and numerous un-hung framed photos.
  3. I won’t allow my Silhouette Cameo to continue to gather dust. I mean really – I’ve had that darn machine for like two years and only made one feeble attempt to use it. It will be used in the first half of 2014 or sold.
  4. I won’t hang on to stuff (ahem, baby items) that we don’t need. Instead, I will keep one box per child of sentimental clothes and toys, donate a lot, share with friends who are expecting, and sell bigger-ticket items to fund big-kid clothes, toys, and room re-dos.

what I won't do in 2014

Four is enough items on  my list. At least #1 is already in progress! A new console is on the way from Overstock and once it arrives the toy nook in our living room will really take shape. I’ll share more on that later.

Are you resolving to do – or not do – anything in 2014? Anyone else finally parting with baby clothes? It’s emotional to think about it and when I actually start sorting through things I’m sure there will be tears.

Vintage Postcard Garland

Many years ago my parents stumbled upon a dusty box in my grandparents’ attic that was filled with vintage Christmas postcards sent to my grandparents over the course of several years. It’s so sweet to think that Grandma, who developed early onset Alzheimers when I was a toddler, loved to collect all that correspondence. Discovering her stash gave me a little more insight into her thoughtful character and leads me to think that my inclination to save every birthday and Christmas card ever sent to me  may be genetic. :)

My mom has always wanted to do something with those cards but never quite landed on the right idea.  The cards continued to live in the dusty old box until I had a light bulb moment back in October when I spotted a product on Decor Steals and immediately suggested that we DIY something similar. Nearly two months later there is wonderfully sentimental vintage postcard garland hanging on my parents’ Christmas mantel.

DIY Vintage Christmas Postcard Garland

This is such an easy project!


  • Small chain from the hardware store cut to the length of your mantel with extra to allow for draping
  • Small drapery clip rings (we used these from JoAnn, currently 40% off)
  • Small cup hook, nail, or Command hook to mount it to your mantel (my parents mounted it to the wood beams on either side of the brick fireplace)

postcard garland

Simply attach either end of the chain to your mantel, hook the ring clips through the chain, and clip your postcards or anything else you’d like.

vintage postcard garland No vintage postcards? No problem!

Since vintage Christmas postcards like these aren’t exactly common, you could also clip family photos, mini Christmas stockings (like these), card stock letters to spell out something seasonally appropriate, or even just card stock triangles to make a banner.

If you love the vintage postcard look, eBay sellers sell them in lots.

I’m so happy that my mom can finally enjoy these postcards, and when we spend Christmas day at their house you can be sure that I’ll read the messages on each of them and think fondly of my Grandma (and the yummy Christmas cookies she used to keep in red and gold tins in her pantry).

How to do you incorporate meaningful Christmas decor in your home?

If you missed our Christmas mantel and easy mantel crafts you can whip up in an evening after the kids are in bed, check it out here!